The Energetics of Loss

I recently listened to a webinar on loss and how it affects our energy system.

Repeatedly throughout our lives, we experience some sort of loss.  Whether it be loss of a spouse, parent, child, friend, co-worker, or pet.  There are other types off loss we don’t always think about such as divorce, loss of time, loss of possessions, loss of a job, a goal, our physical health as well as loss of our mental health.

Everything that happens to us comes through our energy field then impacts the rest of our body, mind, and spirit.  Because this impacts our energy system in many ways, repair is needed when someone is facing any sort of loss.

First, we have to recognize the loss.  We have to allow time to heal, giving yourselves a break.  We have to allow time to grieve.  Cry!  Yell!  Scream!  Other ways are to spend time with a friend, meditate or pray, or talk to clergy, hug a family member, “join in”, allow the animals to help support you as they pour their unconditional love your way.

Animals on the other hand process loss a lot easier than humans.  They are tuned in to the present.  They recognize that something bad has happened, but yet they move to the next thing.  They do not hold on to it.  They are concerned with food, shelter, and survival.  Oh what it would be like to be an animal at times!

What I can help you with in this process Healing Touch and Aromatherapy.  What gifts these are for repair and self healing! Self-care promotes healing.  Energy clearing (healing touch) provides us with the energetic support needed to begin the healing process.  It clears the energy system and brings balance and wholeness.  The energy repair gained by receiving healing touch provides stability and strength as they body restores itself.

There are many different essential oils to use when there is a sense of loss.  Each of the essential oils and blends provide an energetic frequency that is helpful to the body, mind, and spirit.  It is important  to use quality essential oils such as doTERRA.  Know where they come from and know the process they go through for testing and bottling.  Animals can also benefit from essential oils.  I’d be happy to help you with your selection that best fits your needs.


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