What do rocks, healing touch and the Blessed Virgin Mother have in common?

What do rocks, healing touch and the Blessed Virgin Mother have in common?

Well, let me tell you!

It was back in mid-April when my husband, Stuart, had a setback with his lung cancer. I had been doing healing touch on him regularly, but had asked a friend who was in the business longer than me what other techniques I could use. She gave me suggestions and I was excited to try them. My friend encouraged me to go STEADY, SLOW, and QUIET. About 5 minutes after starting to work on him, my music stopped. I thought, hmmmm, weird, but heard QUIET in my mind. Perhaps, I was not supposed to have music? I waited a bit, then moved my phone over to the window to get better reception and it started up again. The energy in the room was insane; I could feel it. Warm, tingly, thick. Crazy.

Stuart always falls asleep while I’m working on him and this time was no different. I always pray during my sessions and had asked the Blessed Mother to come and assist me this time. I pleaded with her that Stuart does not have his mother and we could really use her comfort and help. I usually call angels and guides to help me, but this time was a little different.

After the session, I give people a rock to hold in their hand to ground them even more than what I do. I went over to my collection of rocks that I gather while walking my dog Buddy. I muscle test which rock I should give each client to hold. One in particular that evening was testing strong. I picked it up and this one was split in two the long way. When you opened them up, it mirrored lungs. Yes, lungs. I know, there was some intervention there.

I went to the end of the table and proceeded to hold and rub his feet to slowly wake him up and ground him too. He started to wake up and I asked how it was. He said, “That was so weird”. I said, “Why?” He said, “Well, there was a woman sitting to my right side. She was holding an IV bag or stethoscope or something. She kept saying, he was my favorite”. Who was she talking to? Me? My mind was blown and I thought of Mary. I said, “Stuart, she was here!!!” He said, “Who?” I said, “Mary. Mary was here. I invited her in to our session”. He said, “She was dressed in blue too”. I wept. Literally wept. She was there with us. He cried too. What a profound healing touch experience and I get chills just thinking about it all over again.

I’m not sure if it was a nurse, his mother, or our Blessed Mother, but whoever was there sitting beside him brought both of us comfort. Stuart had not known of my conversation with my friend or that I was going to call in Mary for assistance. But it happened and I’m more a believer now that I ever have been!

Are you a believer?

I’m focusing my practice on cancer patients and caretakers. If you are interested in a session with me, please contact me at totalbodyessentials@gmail.com


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