First Aid Intervention – Healing Touch

First Aid Intervention – Healing Touch

We are all energy fields.

Changes in our health can occur through an activity, event or situation. Our energy field can become unbalanced as a stress response (body, mind, spirit). Both health and disease are manifested in our lifestyle, habits, and through conscious awareness.

Three types of techniques in Healing Touch:

  1. Clearing – Releasing energy that is no longer needed.  Use in times of transition, job change, moving, birth, marriage, graduation, divorce, dying.
  2. Energizing – Filling the body with energy and establishing good flow. Organs include pancreas, liver, thyroid, and adrenals
  3. Balancing – Full body technique. Use in times of chemo, radiation, surgery, bone fractures, tissue injuries, planned surgery, daily life balance.

First Aid Intervention. This is a handy one to use, especially if you have young kids. Type of technique is Clearing and Energizing. What this technique does is break up congestion, releases blockages. Use when there is pain, either acute or chronic; arthritic joint pain. To stop bleeding, for burns, bruises, tendonitis, tumors, ear issues, and sinus.

Technique: Place your thumb and first two fingers together. Allow the energy from the palm to extend out through the thumb and fingers. Keep moving your fingers/thumb in any direction (circular, back and forth, zig zag) to break up congested area, about 1 inch away from surface. Do this several times a day and you will begin to see healing!

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