The TRUTH about Essential Oils and Pets

The TRUTH about Essential Oils and Pets

MYTH: Diffusing around pets is toxic

TRUTH: Essential oils are highly concentrated. Pets have millions more olfactory receptors than humans. The truth is, diffusing around pets is an excellent way to benefit them on a regular basis. Allow the pet the option to exit the room by leaving the door open and use only 3-4 drops of oil at a time. Diffusing lavender has been shown in shelters to provide calming effects for pets.


MYTH: Never pet your dog or cat after using oils

TRUTH: Petting is actually an excellent way to apply oils topically to pets. Along the spine or on the ear tips are most common applications. Essential oils are volatile, which means they dissipate into the air rapidly and they absorb into the skin quickly. This means they won’t stick around for very long. If you are worried, you can wash your hands after using oils and prior to petting your pets!


MYTH: Using oils around pets can cause liver or kidney damage

TRUTH: When using CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) oils, we have seen that certain oils can be used to actually support the kidney or liver. Many of these accusations come from the fact that liver and kidney failure are common in pets, regardless of essential oil use.


MYTH: If my pet gets too much oil, they will die

TRUTH: This is extremely rare and most adverse reactions are due to a significant amount of essential oil (two bottles undiluted, for example) being used or consumed. In the event of an adverse reaction, dilute with a carrier oil – skin irritation is the most common, and most reactions resolve within 24-48 hours. Keep the lids on your bottles and store them in a safe place.


MYTH: _____________ oil is harmful to cats

TRUTH: There is no sound science or basis for these claims. Cats lack a liver enzyme that is important for metabolizing certain things, so it’s not a bad idea to use caution. If you use caution, these oils are perfectly safe to use in your DIY cleaning or diffused in your home with cats. Use a little extra caution with Melaleuca, Birch, Wintergreen, Spearmint, and Peppermint as well as hot oils such as

Source: doTERRA Winter 2019 Living Magazine

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