Be Quiet and Surrender

Be Quiet and Surrender

Let me take you back to February 20, 2019. This date won’t mean too much if you are not from Minnesota or Wisconsin, but bear with me! It’s long, but a good story!

It was snowing hard the night before the 20th and we woke up to more snow. It was a lot. I mean a lot! This winter we’ve had so much snow and literally could barely see our mailbox. Stuart got dressed and went out to snow blow the driveway. Of course during the night the snowplow had come by a few times, making a rather large, crusty ridge at the end of our driveway. It was almost impossible with the snow blower. The snow plow driver saw Stuart out there and decided to come help take a little of the ridge away for us. How nice was that! I watched from inside as Buddy was out playing in the snow, greeting a neighbor who was walking their dogs too. I came downstairs and got dressed for another yet snowy walk with Buddy. We loved our winter walks. I was thinking to myself, this walk will be hard but I love the snow and so does Buddy. I walked down the driveway toward the sidewalk and took one look. There was literally too much snow to attempt it, so I pivoted and told Buddy we were going to take the street since it was cleared. As I pivoted, my left ankle decided not to pivot with me and bent underneath (twice, as I heard the crack or now I know dislocation) and I went down. It was glare ice underneath. I let go of the leash and waved to Stuart who was still blowing the driveway. He immediately turned off the blower and ran down to help me. I couldn’t stand. Somewhat in shock and disbelief I scooted on my right arm up the driveway. Stuart got Buddy in the house, we called a neighbor (thanks Steph) who came over and fed him and let him out. Stuart backed the car out and helped me in. Away we went to ER.

The X-ray showed a triple break and dislocation. They put me out to reset it and put me in a splint. I was so emotional in the ER, still in disbelief I think, and reality set in with all my future restrictions and all that had to get done. They came in to teach me how to walk on crutches, not a lengthy session I may add. Sent me home with crutches and sympathy.

My first night home I fell using my crutches in the middle of the night. I never saw Stuart get up faster than he did that night. I caught myself on the dresser, but took a half fall and it hurt! Those crutches are not easy. Pair that with getting up in the middle of the night and walking on carpet. Disaster.

Monday, February 25 I had surgery. A couple hours later I woke up with a plate and 8 screws/pins attached to my fibula. Yikes!

I am still recovering/healing but wanted to let you know some things I’ve learned from this experience! As I write this, I feel I’m fully detoxed from all the anesthesia, thankfully.

One big blessing…no pain through this entire process, literally none. I was warned after the nerve block wore off that I should keep up on pain meds. My body does not like narcotics, so that was a no go. I alternated with IBU/Tylenol. But remember, I’ve had no pain, thank God!

For those of you who know me, know I’m of the natural, holistic mindset. Of course I used my oils, lavender (calming), lemongrass (ligaments), and birch (bones). I made sure to keep up on my doTERRA Lifelong Vitality vitamin pack as well. At night to help me sleep, I used the Serenity softgel/oil combination, and Copaiba softgels. I literally slept like a baby every night, again no pain. I made sure to take Deep Blue Polyphenol (helps with occasional soreness and discomfort, joint discomfort, aches). Healing Touch on my ankle and leg have helped as well and put me in a different mindset.

Thanks to my natural holistic friends who were looking out for me, I added arnica (homeopathic) for the throbbing sensation in my foot when I stood up. Another recommendation was symphytum homeopathic for bones and ligaments. I actually started this before surgery. In addition, I also used Staphyagria which is good for wound healing. I have never used homeopathic remedies, but thought, why not? They were pretty inexpensive and my friend Teri at Lakewinds helped me find what I needed.

I also learned that Stuart is a very capable caretaker. Before I got my knee scooter, I reminded him before he went to work to get my water ready in the morning. He also made coffee for me in a contingo mug and set it up for me by the sofa where I sat elevating my left foot. I was set. Who would have thought I took for granted enjoying a cup of coffee every morning prior to this?

Needless to say, Stuart was glad when Mitch was home to stay. I think they both realize the little things that are done throughout the day. At least I hope they appreciate me a little more??!!

I have many friends and neighbors who have been helping. I’ve gotten visits, flowers, sweet pick me up notes, meals made for our family, and of course noon time walks for Buddy. Stuart has been taking him to daycare 1-2 days during the week.

I can drive, thankfully (left ankle injured). I made it out to Lakewinds by myself last week. It was a huge task for me and I accomplished it! I have a handicap sticker so that helps too. I use my crutches to hobble back to the trunk, carefully balance to get out my knee scooter, put my crutches in the trunk and off I go. I have not succumbed to the little sit down electric scooters in the store.

It feels so good to get out of the house. I literally go stir crazy just sitting, elevating my foot. Stuart filled the bird feeders to I’ve been enjoying watching them. I’ve read a little, listened to podcasts, written a few emails, trying to keep up on the bills, etc. Some days were just a blur and I would sleep and do nothing. That was more in the first two weeks.

To top this off, before my ankle break, we had discovered our dishwasher had been leaking since last March. We discovered a cracked tile in our kitchen, and looking further, we had a warped bottom cupboard. The slow leak didn’t stop in the kitchen. We had water stains in our basement bathroom which resulted in tearing up a portion of the ceiling and wall and all the insulation. We are now dealing with insurance adjusters, mitigation, flooring companies, and custom cupboards. I would just sit and listen to the fans drying everything out and the loud dehumidifier and want to cry. Why Lord? Why this timing on everything?

Poor Buddy. Every time I got up to go to the bathroom, he got up….”are we going for a walk now?” was the look on his face. Breaks my heart. He has definitely had more anxiety. With the loud fans and different people coming in to walk him, he just doesn’t understand what is happening. As I do bridging on him (Healing Touch) I assure him he is loved, protected and safe. I believe he’s going to be ok.

I had my breaking point the other night. House in disarray, printer wasn’t working, I was agitated from just sitting all day, and I lost it. I went to bed and cried (literally) out to God, why? Why are you putting me though this. I heard be quiet, calm and surrender. Such an easy answer, but yet so very hard for me to be quiet and surrender. Are you kidding me? That’s not me. I’m the caretaker, the one who does laundry, grocery shopping, vacuuming, walking Buddy. I’m the one who provides service, both inside my home and for my work (Healing Touch). Now, I’m supposed to be quiet and surrender? That’s a twist!

But I’ve surrendered. I’m listening and finding out a lot about myself. I’m able to sit back and have others wait on me. It’ll be ok. I can do this and I will get through this. Hopefully in a couple months I’ll be laughing about it.

I made a trip to San Diego this past week. I earned a trip to the doTERRA leadership convention. It was amazing! I certainly had challenges in the airplane (walking with crutches through the narrow aisle). I had an aisle seat, but heaven forbid everyone in my row should get up at the same time and use the bathroom. They saw I had a boot on and one by one about a half hour or longer in between, had to get up. Oh, well, there worse things to complain about. I did have to rest each night as my ankle was a little more swollen each day being out and about. I got around best I could and had a beautiful team of people helping me! So thankful for them, also, grateful I was able to go!

Every day I’m healing, getting stronger. Couple more weeks and I’ll be able to walk (possibly with my walking boot…or not?).

Again, a big THANK YOU to my husband, Stuart, Mitch, Kenzie, and all my dear friends who helped out with Buddy, brought meals, flowers, sent cards, and visited. I could not have recovered this quickly without you!   Love you all!

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