My experience at Leadership

My experience at Leadership

I wanted to recap my time at leadership. It was an amazing trip with lots of great information from the founders as well as guest speakers.

If you have thought for any single minute about joining doTERRA as a customer or wellness advocate, now is the time! The next 10 years is going to be amazing and full of growth!

doTERRA’s Mission: Change the world one drop, one person, one community at a time

doTERRA is a privately held company

Debt Free

More than 1 billion in assets

More than 7 million customers

68% retention

Culture of sharing and caring. Not a get rich quick scheme.

I knew doTERRA was big on testing for purity and potency, but we learned more. EVERY sample they receive is tested, 54 times! 43 tests are done through doTERRA Science ( and 11 are tested through an independent company, APRC. 54 tests done on every sample! If you are not using doTERRA, do you know how many tests are being tested on your oils you are using? Check it out. doTERRA is PURE! Most tested and most true oils!!

We also learned that 80% of the oils in the marketplace are adulterated. Yes, 80%. Companies are spending more money on marketing and not in testing the oils. Essential oils are the biggest buzz these days, and everyone wants in! Some examples of adulteration: carrier oils added without labeling, adding aroma chemicals and synthetic fragrances, and some oils are 95-100% fabricated altogether.

Here’s what is involved to get oils to Market:

Farmer —> Distiller —> Broker —-> Company selling oils —> Consumer

What doTERRA does:

Farmer —-> Distiller —-> doTERRA for significant testing —-> Consumer

We provide our farmers with fair labor conditions and pay, we have long term relationships, and we have a sustainable growing model

doTERRA is changing the way health care is being delivered! They introduced Prime Meridian last year at convention.

Do you know most people don’t think they need a doctor until they are sick? Prime Meridian is Primary Care, combining eastern and western medicine. They will offer 30 and 60 minute appointments. They want you to see your doctor to keep you from getting sick (prevention). Every doctor will be board certified, licensed family practice or primary care physician, MD, DO, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. They will be supportive of using essential oils and other evidence based integrative treatments. Affordable too.

Rachel Hollis – Guest Speaker

Did I tell you her favorite doTERRA oils are On Guard and Digestzen?

She was inspirational, motivating, uplifting! Her basic message was not to compare yourself to anyone….stay in our own lane, taking care of “us”. Be YOU. As leaders, we light the path for others to follow. Also, she said “Show up even when it’s hard”

We all at some time in our lives have experienced pain, broken hearts, and sickness. This is a journey we sometimes have to go through. But you know what? This fuels us to fix the world, to help others. This is what motivated me for getting into doTERRA….to help others with their health (physical and emotional), to build a community of people making a difference, to offer a bottle of hope to them, changing their lives too. We are going through these experiences for a reason. I believe doTERRA is that vehicle for change, and now after going through some of these experiences, I am prepared to do the work, to make a difference in someone’s life!

If you are interested in meeting with me to learn more about this opportunity, I’m happy to meet with you! I would love for you to join me on this journey to changing lives, one drop, one person, one community at a time.


One Day or Day One—You decide

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