Beautiful White Salt Lamps

Beautiful White Salt Lamps

I’ve always been intrigued and in love with salt lamps. Well, these I’ve gotten in have made my heart happier!  They come with a set of 5 colored bulbs so you can have light therapy as well as all the other benefits. These salt lamps expose negative ions. Positive ions on the other hand, drain your energy. They also help with:

*Allergies and asthma

*Boost energy levels (just like walking on a sandy beach)

*Purifies air

*Reduces chronic cough

*Reduces static electricity

*Improves quality sleep

*Reduces electromagnetic radiation

*Reduces carbon footprint (long lasting quality salt with very little energy consumption)

*Treats seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

These are great for the bedroom, office, kitchen, family room

Birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Just because gift!

Small (3-5 lb)  $21 + tax

Medium (9-11 lb)  $36 + tax

Also available is white dimmer cord (sold separately)  $7+tax

Please email me at if interested

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