Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Now that I have your attention, I really want to talk about detoxing.

Spring is a great time to detox. The weather is getting warmer and our bodies are more likely to rid our bodies of toxins.

Toxins. We live in a toxic world, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps.

Well, I’ve detoxed and gone on several cleanses over the years. I’ve even fasted. There are other ways to detox that you may not have thought about.

Cleansing your home: Create peace and calm. Get rid of clutter. Clutter creates stress. Start visualizing your home more peaceful. Now create it. Also, clean your kitchen and throw out all the foods that are inflammatory. This includes sugar, fruit juice, breakfast cereal, white bread, and soda. Read labels for added sugar (even in peanut butter). Throw them out or donate them to a food shelter.

Cleanse your mind: What? Yes. I’m talking about negative thoughts. Those lead to more stress, thus creating more inflammation throughout your body. Thoughts have energy. Make sure your thoughts are positive and powerful!

Lastly, cleanse your body: There are many cleanses out there on the market. doTERRA has a great one and I’ve done it many times. It’s gentle but effective. I’m currently doing one now called the Surge 30 day plan. It was developed by Dr. Dave Steuer and his wife Callie. Dr. Steuer is an Endodontist and on the Medical Board for doTERRA. He’s brilliant. Look him up and like him on FB. He has many good videos. The first 1-4 days include drinking bone only. I’m on day 1 and so far so good. I did experience a caffeine withdrawal headache, but after a little nap, it took care of it. Well, I did have a small cup of coffee too….That was a reminder to me I’m drinking too much caffeine!

Epsom Salt Detox baths or foot soaks are wonderful too. They help with detoxing all the gunk out of our bodies and are relaxing. Add some wonderful doTERRA essential oils for more benefit. These are easy to do while watching TV or reading a book!

Oil Pulling. Ever heard of that? It’s great for removing toxins from not only your mouth, but your entire body. Take 1 T. coconut, sesame, or other oil, add 1-2 drops of peppermint or on guard oil and put it in your mouth and swish for up to 20 minutes. DO NOT spit in the sink or drain and DO NOT swallow. Spit out in the garbage. This is toxic! Do daily when showering, doing the dishes or vacuuming!

We cannot control the outside environment we live in. There are car engine smells, fertilizers, tower pollution, chem trails from planes, etc. etc. What we can control is our own body and how we keep it clean and running smoothly.

Eat clean. Eat organic. Get enough water and fiber in your diet. Keep moving. Exercise. Take a walk. Meditate. Pray. Healing Touch.

Do cleanse monthly? Quarterly? Annually? You choose, but do detox your body!

Here’s to good health and living a long, happy, peaceful, positive life!


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