Tragedy affecting today’s children

Tragedy affecting today’s children


Well, I somehow managed to skip blogging in November. But I’m back…with a couple weeks to spare til the end of the year.

I read a couple articles recently on mental health issues in kids as young as two. Yes, two! Children today are being deprived of the fundamentals of a healthy childhood.

Here are some statistics which are steadily growing and alarming to me:

What’s the problem?

  • Smart phones
  • Digitally distracted parents
  • Sense of entitlement rather than responsibility
  • Inadequate sleep and unbalanced nutrition
  • Sedentary indoor lifestyle
  • Endless stimulation, instant gratification, absence of dull moments

What are some suggestions?

  • Provide nutritious food and limit snacking – let them help you prepare
  • Spend one hour a day biking, hiking, fishing, watching birds/insects
  • Have daily technology-free family dinners
  • Play a board game
  • Involve your children in a chore a day
  • Teach responsibility and independence. Don’t over-protect them from small failures. Failure trains them the skills needed to overcome greater challenges later on.
  • Don’t pack their backpack for them
  • Don’t use technology as a cure for boredom
  • Help them create a “boredom first aid kit” with activities when bored


Another way to help? Healing Touch. This will help calm their minds so they don’t have to be stimulated all day all the time. It’s a relaxation technique to help calm the body.


Essential oils can also help with focus, anxiety and depression.


I’d love to meet your child and help them with any issues they have!





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