Pink Himalayan Table Salt

Pink Himalayan Table Salt

Mined in the Himalayas

  • 84 Trace minerals and electrolytes
  • Use as a sore throat rinse, loosens mucus and eases pain
  • Use as regular table salt
  • Can use in sauces and marinades

Non-Dietary Uses: (Course grind, salt lamps)

  • Exfoliation for skin
  • Foot Soak, helps retain moisture (can add essential oils to this)
  • Facial Spray (8 oz. water, 1 T. pink salt, pray on face or body throughout the day)
  • Salt Lamps
    • Provide increase energy
    • Balances electromagnetic radiation
    • Cleanses and purifies the air
    • Calms allergies
    • Enhances Mood

12 oz. Shaker bottle table salt $5

Salt lamps for sale as well….prices varies, please inquire

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