I love the smell of mulch!

I love the smell of mulch!

I’m going to ramble on a bit, so stick with me. I’ve been taking notes on what I want to say, and my list gets longer and longer every day. So I’m just going to get it out now.

I haven’t been sleeping too well lately and I’m chalking it up to the virus.  I always used to be such a good sleeper and I think maybe it’s robbing me. I’m certain I’m not alone.

I’m ready to get MN back to work. I miss seeing my people I work on for my Healing Touch business. I miss my family that I cannot see and my friends as well.  I miss visiting people in the hospital. I miss my networking group. I miss going to church, a community of people we should not be separated from. I miss what our “old normal” used to be and I’m really mixed on what the “new normal” will be. Anyone with me?

We started early on with hand sanitizer being out of stock, then toilet paper, now meat….what is next? It’s crazy, absolutely crazy.

I was taking a walk one morning, a beautiful, warm, sunny morning and walked by our neighborhood playground. No one there.  It saddened me to think our kids cannot even socialize and play. There was a sign posted…”Due to COVID-19, Please stay off Playground, Equipment is not sanitized”  OMG really? When will it be sanitized. How and what are they going to do to sanitize it? Do viruses really live on surfaces for hours, days? Does anyone really know?

I’m a FIRM believer in building up our own immunity, part of which is through getting exposed to bacteria and viruses. Our immune system is brilliant and most of the time prevents us from getting sick. By us being quarantined, we are lessening building up our immune system. When we can go out again in the real world, we have a greater chance of getting sick.

I’m tired of having to wear masks, gloves. Now we are being pushed apart even more, 6 ft., when we get into lines at Costco, Home Depot (I love the smell of mulch), Lakewinds, Target, etc. They are taking your temperature at Whole Foods before entering. We have plexi-glass barriers in stores, in drive trough’s. We cannot visit our family or the elderly in nursing homes. We cannot escort our loved ones to the doctor or if they are having surgery or procedures done.

There are no graduation ceremonies, no weddings, no birthday parties, no fundraising events, no book clubs, no networking gatherings, no bunco. The list goes on and on. Do you honestly believe ZOOM calls are a good replacement? No hugs, no handshakes….heaven forbid we should touch someone. Aren’t hugs healing? We lack human touch and now we can’t do that anymore.

Frankly, I’m resisting. Hard. Real hard. I don’t wear masks when I go out…yes, I’m one of those…I get dirty looks from a lot of people, but hey, no one is nice anymore…no one says hi, no one looks at anyone anymore…as if the virus would be transferred by being nice or smiling. When I go out to the stores, I say thank you to all the workers. I appreciate them. I appreciate the medical staff that is currently working as well. I do wash my hands when I get home. I DO NOT wipe every thing I bring in the house….what, really? Nope, I do not.

FEAR —– Fight/Flight/Freeze response     What stage are you in?  Am I safe?

Fight:  Rage, Anger, Irritation, Frustration

Flight:  Panic, FEAR, Anxiety, Worry

Freeze:  Shut-down, Trapped, Depression, Dissociation, Hopelessness

I believe I’m still in the Fight stage…..irritated and angry. I need to keep fighting, for our freedom, for our rights.

How good is this fear for our health? Stress is at an all-time high, along with depression, anxiety, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol abuse. I don’t like it. We have to get back to our “old normal” and stop allowing FEAR to overtake us. It is not healthy. It’s not normal. It’s not right.

Now, I’m sure some of you are saying, well, you have to be smart, especially those that are immune compromised, and I agree. My husband has stage 4 lung cancer and yes, he is immune compromised. Cannot he never work again? Can he never live a normal life again because of all of this? I don’t buy it, one bit. Can he never see his family again? Can he never fly again? Think about that….FEAR is taking over our country.

I believe we should leave it up to the individual who wants to go out in the world again and be exposed to bacteria and viruses. We are a smart society and I think we can decide for ourselves, instead of letting the government mandate what we can and cannot do.  It’s only going to get worse. Sadly, we have become puppets.

OK, now for some suggestions. I’m not an expert, but have some pretty good ideas!

  • Spend time daily praying, meditating. There are no limits when we call on LOVE
  • Self-Care, whatever that is to you….reading a book, Netflix, taking a bath, earthing, taking a walk
  • Boost your immune system by showing gratitude, being content. Change your mindset the minute you awaken each day. Practice empathy, laugh, get enough sleep (or nap during the day), eat well, diffuse immune boosting doTERRA essential oils, keep your routine as much as possible. Yes, you can boost your own immune system! You can do it!
  • Source of Healing Power is LOVE, KINDNESS, and FORGIVING yourself.
  • Stop the negative thoughts, energy. Thoughts follow action. If you are filled with gratitude and thankfulness, your actions will be that!

90% of our emotions lead to disease….anxiety, depression, grief. Again, the minute you wake up, be filled with gratitude and contentment for a new day, a new start.

Healing Touch can help with these emotions!

When I’m back to doing Healing Touch again, I’m sure there will be guidelines. I’m excited to get back again to help people of all ages, especially teenagers, from stress and anxiety. I’ve got some new techniques and I’d love to try them with you.

Is this the end of the world as we know it? I would very much welcome your comments. Be kind and respectful. You don’t judge me and I won’t judge you.

By the way, I really do love the smell of fresh mulch!

Let me know if I can help in anyway, I’m here for you!


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