doTERRA Skin Care

Product Description

doTERRA VERAGE is an excellent collection of natural skin care products that nourish your skin helping to reduce the visible signs of aging while also promoting smooth, supple skin.  The advanced plant technology used in the VERAGE promotes an optimal lipid balance – the same balance found in healthy, youthful-looking skin.  Each product in the VERAGE line is composed of true gifts from the Earth.  Skin Care collection delivers benefits your ski will love, naturally.

doTERRA ESSENTIAL SKIN CARE is a family of skin care products designed to help keep your skin feeling and looking young, healthy, and gorgeous by maximizing the natural power of essential oils.  The ESSENTIAL SKIN CARE line includes cutting-edge technologies that complement the careful selection of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils added in generous proportions to each product.  Target the visible signs of aging with doTERRA ESSENTIAL SKIN CARE.

HD CLEAR is a line of natural and highly effective products that address problem skin at its core.  This three-step system works synergistically to purge skin of impurities; promote a smooth, clear complexion; and help reduce the appearance of blemishes.  Included in each formula are CPTG essential oils along with specialized plant extracts proven to improve skin texture and appearance.  Using HD CLEAR every day will result in a clear, smooth, healthy-looking complexion


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