Restore balance and harmonies in the energy system, placing yourself in a position to self heal.


Enhance wellness in yourself by using the gift of energetic touch.


Holistic treatment that seeks to improve physical, mental and emotional health


TJ, Edina
I met Tanya at a wellness fair and was instantly drawn to her. Tanya took the time to teach me about essential oils and help me understand the benefits of using them. She has continued to make herself available to answer questions and teach me more about the products and practices she uses for healing. I was suffering from terrible neck pain for a few weeks, the kind that causes headaches, earaches, and even back aches. Tanya suggested I try a Healing Touch session combined with an infrared sauna session. I left the sessions feeling relaxed, free of pain, and very peaceful. It has been 4 weeks since my session and I am still feeling wonderful and have not experienced the pain again. Tanya is amazing and has a gift of teaching and helping people heal and find balance. She takes the time to understand people individually and help them, not just try and sell products and services.
JT, Woodbury
I work a very mentally taxing job. I have always been interested in looking at energy healing and energy work. I found Tanya and in our few sessions together, I have already noticed a difference (increase in energy, decrease in body pains). I feel like Tanya has a really amazing understanding of my concerns and so clearly cares about the well-being of those in her care. She is amazingly easy to talk to and really has some incredible talents when working with energy. I would not hesitate to recommend her services especially those who are caregivers professionally and personally. Invest in your self-care!!!
CM, Oklahoma
``All forms of life are composed of electrical energy. Poor diets, sedentary lifestyle, and emotional/physical stress negatively affect the levels of positive energy. Aroma Touch therapy is a cleansing technique used with essential oils to allow negative/unhealthy energies to be released from the body through soft application. Tanya Brown conducted Aroma Touch therapy on me and the energy channeled through the session was healing and rejuvenating. I have ordered doTERRA products to enjoy for myself. Thank you Tanya!``
KC, Chanhassen
``I received Healing Touch therapy from Tanya for the first time, not really knowing what to expect other than it would be something to do with energy and I will definitely do it again. Almost right after the appointment I was confronted with a stressful situation of which I found myself able to handle calmly, maintaining a peaceful state. Some hours later a family member came into my house feeling a bit stressed and they noticed that I was really at peace and it calmed them down as well! It was a unique experience for me. I have had massages many times and that is helpful for relaxing the muscles but with Healing Touch it was more of a relaxing effect on the energy of my whole body and mind — very different and really nice. Thanks Tanya!``
CH, Minneapolis
``Tanya Brown genuinely cares about people. She is an essential oil expert sharing her knowledge, time, and attention. We met a little over a year ago and my life has been more enjoyable ever since. She delivered education and guidance to help me understand essential oils and the benefits. After I tried some samples, any sense of skepticism dissolved. Now I use dozens of essential oils and essential oil products because I’m more relaxed, energized, and focused. The value of what she has given to me far outweighs the payment, and I am grateful for her generosity.``